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10 Reasons to go to the board meeting Monday 11/18/2019

Excerpt from 11.14.19 Faculty message

10. Support the hard work of the faculty Bargaining Team.
9. Get a free meal from Cafe’ Yumm before the meeting (5:00pm in the cafeteria).
8. Show off your red t-shirts/outfits. There will be a prize for the best “dressed in red.”
7. Stand with a record number of faculty, classified staff and community members in packing the Board room.
6. Socialize with your colleagues and solve all the world’s other problems.
5. Take a break from the NFL because the football game will be a blow out anyway.
4. Celebrate National Vichyssoise Day!
3. Have a really good reason to hit the pause button on whatever else you have to do.
2. Support pay equity for part-time faculty.
1. Observe the look on the faces of the Board Members when they receive special gifts.

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