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Filter SPAM in gmail (avoid the troll!)

Many of you have noticed the uptick in SPAM coming through gmail and have asked “How do I avoid reading this crap?”. Unfortunately, there isn’t a great way to stop the trolls who send email that no one wants to read so it’s up to you, individually, to block it because this particular troll won’t remove you from its list even when you ask politely.

You may say, “But, I blocked this $*%@&&* in Groupwise! Why is its garbage getting through to me now?”  The answer is that filters set up in Groupwise didn’t migrate over when we switched to gmail.  Never fear.  It’s actually even easier to block a specific troll in gmail.  Here’s how.

When you receive an email from someone you never want to hear from again:

  1. In the web browser version of gmail, open the message as though you want to read it
  2. Click the 3 dots at the top right of the message window
  3. Click on “Block xxxx” (xxxx will be the name of the troll)

That should do it.  The email this particular troll is sending will never darken your inbox again and we can all get back to doing the work we are paid to do.

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