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OEBB – Weight Watchers FAQs

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What is the Weight Watchers® benefit?

OEBB members are eligible for up to four 13-week Weight Watchers sessions per calendar year paid at 100 percent (no cost to the members).

Who is eligible?

OEBB members (including retirees) are eligible for this benefit
No-cost participation applies only to OEBB-members enrolled in an OEBB-sponsored medical plan through Moda Health, (or Kaiser). If you waive or opt out of medical coverage, you are not eligible for the no-cost participation. Call Weight Watchers at 866-531-8170 for rates and program information for your dependents or household members.

When can I access this benefit?

The benefit became effective October 1, 2010.

Are there participation requirements?

Yes. To be eligible for subsequent sessions you must attend 10 of 13 classes in a 13-week session. If you do not meet this participation requirement, you must pay 100 percent of the cost for the next session. If you complete that session and meet the 10 of 13 class requirement, you can then sign up for the following session at the 100 percent covered rate.

What does the benefit include?

Call Weight Watchers for full program details: 866-531-8170

Weight Watchers® Local Meetings
You can attend traditional Weight Watchers® meetings in your community at the time and location that is most convenient for you. Under this option you will receive vouchers for a 13-week session. Your vouchers will be mailed directly to your home.

Weight Watchers At Work® meetings
At Work meetings bring the Weight Watchers experience right to your workplace where a trained leader facilitates weekly meetings. You may attend a 13-week At Work series.

Weight Watchers® Online Subscription
You can participate in Weight Watchers online with interactive tools and resources. It is available in two versions, each specifically designed for men or women. This option includes a three month online subscription.

I am already a Weight Watchers participant, but I would like to access the free benefit. How do I make the transition?

Once you have completed the program for which you are currently enrolled, you may begin your first OEBB-sponsored session by calling Weight Watchers at 866-531-8170.

I am an OEBB retiree. Am I eligible?

Yes. If you live in Oregon you have access to Online or Local Meeting sessions. If you are temporarily living outside of the state of Oregon you have access to the services available in your area. Call Weight Watchers at 866-531-8170 for full details.

How do I enroll?

For full program details contact Weight Watchers at 866-531-8170

For your first series of At Work meetings or Local Meeting vouchers:

  1. Call the toll-free Weight Watchers number: 866-531-8170
  2. Provide Weight Watchers the unique member ID that can be found on your Moda Health insurance card.
  3. Choose the type of service desired.
  4. A Weight Watchers representative will process your order. You will receive your welcome packet that includes either an At Work pass or your 13 weeks of vouchers. Your pocket guide and member materials will be given to you in the meeting room.

For Weight Watchers Online subscription:

  1. Call the toll-free number and place your order. The Weight Watchers representative will provide you with a “promotion code” which will grant you access to the system.
  2. Visit the Weight Watchers Online sign-up page at
  3. Go to Enter promotion code and enter your special promotion code (received when you call the number above) and click “Apply code” to get the special subscription price for OEBB (either no-cost for employees/retirees or the special rate for dependents/household members).
  4. Select the three month subscription length.
  5. Follow remaining sign-up instructions for setting up your account.

How to renew/enroll in your second, third or fourth Weight Watchers Series?

For At Work meetings and Local Meeting vouchers:

  1. Show your Weight Watchers meeting Leader or Receptionist your pocket guide to demonstrate attendance and that you have met the participation requirement (10 out of 13 meetings) for renewal.
  2. The Weight Watchers Leader will ask you to show your Moda Health insurance card to confirm your identity.
  3. The Leader or Receptionist will verify attendance and give you a special OEBB, single use renewal certificate that is coded by Weight Watchers with a unique access code valid for one renewal only.
  4. Call Weight Watchers at 866-531-8170. A Weight Watchers customer service representative will verify the access code as well as ask for your legal first and last name and insurance id number to authenticate coverage. The appropriate pass or set of vouchers will then be mailed to you

For Weight Watchers Online subscription:  
Download and either email to: or fax   (888-598-7704) a copy of your “Weight Tracker” summary showing at least 10 weeks of participation before you cancel. You will then receive a new access code to sign up for renewal.

I have missed an At Work meeting. Can I make it up?

Yes. You can make up At Work meetings by attending Local Meeting classes. Simply bring your At Work pass to a local meeting for attendance. If you have additional questions you can call Weight Watchers for full details: 866-531-8170.

Weight Watchers does not have my insurance information.

Please check your effective date allow time for new eligibility to be loaded into the Weight Watchers system. . You must provide your first and last name, member ID and two-digit member suffix in order for Weight Watchers to verify your eligibility.

How do I submit a claim for Weight Watchers Services?

Claims/billing is handled between Moda Health and Weight Watchers. You will not need to submit any paperwork to Moda Health regarding claims reimbursement. If you’re eligible for the no-cost benefit, be sure to follow the process outlined above. Moda Health will not reimburse members directly if they erroneously pay for the program.

Moda Health will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for your records once you have enrolled in a series.

How long will it take before I receive my Weight Watchers welcome packet?

Typical wait time for welcome packet delivery is five to seven business days. If you have not received your packet after 10 days, call 866-531-8170 for reorder

Additional Questions about Weight Watchers programs and products

For more information contact Weight Watchers at 866-531-8170.

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