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Insurance Transition and Wage Adjustments

With the contract ratified the college has set in motion the Classified unit move to OEBB. The new insurance plan will begin November 1, 2019.  The college informed LCCEF today that rather than have classified employees go through 2 enrollment periods they (the college) will pick up the difference in insurance premium increases for the one additional month of Pacific Source insurance to carry us to November 1, 2019.  Because of this, employees will not need to change their insurance plans for 1 month to alleviate the cost.  You may still make changes if you have a qualifying event such as divorce, marriage, births, or deaths in the family.

There are one-on-one drop in sessions scheduled for next week if you have specific questions about the new insurance. Open Enrollment labs will happen at a later date.  

Supplemental Insurance Options will be described in more detail by the college soon, as well as how to transition Long Term Care plans for those who have current plans.  Reminder we will have double amounts of Life and ADD coverage ($100,000 each) plus a new Short Term Disability plan to supplement sick leave balances that are depleted due to illness and injury.  

As always, FSA and HSA enrollment will happen sometime in October or November.  Infinisource will continue to be our FSA provider and will also be our HSA provider.

On October 25th, 2019 you will see the change in your payroll for the change in insurance premium cost.  For the majority of you the cost will be zero. For those with full family plans, if you choose the richest vision and dental along with plan choice #1 you will see $4.93 monthly ($2.46 per payroll) premium deduction begin on October 25th. 

Implementation of the new pay rates based on the 2.75% (1.75 % OEBB + 1.0% COLA) salary schedule adjustment will be reflected on the Sept 10, 2019 paycheck (8/16-8/31 payroll period)

Retroactive pay (7/1/19 – 8/15/19) will reflect on the 9/25 paycheck.

The salary schedules are being revised and will be posted to the HR website very soon.

The college will be sending a message later this week or early next week with far more detail and information.

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