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8/12/2019 Weekly Communications Update

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Don’t take down those “Fair Contract Now” signs yet! 

Now that we have an agreement with the college, the bargaining team will move forward on negotiations for: 

  • Potential insurance increases if PacificSource extension is necessary. 
    • We are awaiting an update from HR about whether OEBB will accept late enrollment for the Classified unit.  If OEBB will not, we will likely need to extend PacificSource for 30 days and begin OEBB on November 1, 2019. We have left this item on the table for bargaining the impact of who will pay insurance premium increases.   
  • Senate Bill 1049
    • See “Pers Lawsuit Filed” below for an update about the actions being taken by Unions and public employees to fight this bill.
  • House Bill 2016
  • Article VII – Dues and Fair Share Deductions
  • Monetary compensation for Classification and Compensation Study





Additional Memorandums of Agreement 

As part of the bargaining process, some revisions were required to clarify language related to our Plus 1 agreement that allows internal candidacy for non-contracted classified staff. Read the signed MOA language here: 

Below is the MOA for displaced non-contracted Titan Store and Food Services employees: 


Outsourcing and ORS 279b

With the help of AFT-Or legal LCCEF Leadership continued to press the college for a cost analysis of outsourcing the Titan Bookstore and Food Services.  The college had previously delivered predictions to us without included anything about wages and benefits for the employees of contracted vendors. AFT-Or legal wrote to the colleges legal team and when the contract was created between Follet it included a paragraph that made the demand for the cost analysis according to ORS 279b null.  In other words they wrote the contract to specifically protect the college from the need to justify a vendor paying less in wages or benefits to their employees to provide the same services the college used to internally.

Excerpt of findings from AFT-OR lawyer:

As you probably noticed, they did the final touches AFTER I sent them the information request. They were clearly working on changes to this agreement after we put the pressure on. Please take a close look at paragraph 21, which is on page 16 of the contract. In that provision, the parties have expressly agreed that the College shall not pay more than $250K to Follett during the term of the agreement. In other words: to make this bullet proof, they actually inserted a provision that avoids compliance with the cost analysis provisions! 

So, nothing to be done here. Unfortunately, that language is going to be a strong defense to their need to comply with the cost analysis requirements.

Again, rather than do the work to actually make sure the college complies with the law, it was easier to just sidestep the issue by getting Follet to agree to a guaranteed maximum payout beneath the threshold.  Makes sense. Why do the work when you can skip it and get what you want???? These children are running our college!


Ems Baseball Night with LCCEF – Thursday 8/22

We are putting together a Eugene Ems night with LCCEF!  $10 gets you a ticket to the game, a hotdog, a bag of chips and a drink.  Game is Thursday, Aug. 22 and first pitch is at 7:05pm. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to spend a Thursday evening before your Friday off!  

Tickets will be pre-purchased.  If you are interested, email or stop by LCC02/109.  We will need payment for tickets no later than next Monday, Aug. 19.


OEBB & PEBB Double Coverage

Senate Bill 1067. This law that was passed in 2017 would have affected your benefits starting October 1. Many of you expressed your concerns about the changes, and your voices were heard!

Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill 2266 on June 25. This bill reversed the parts of SB 1067 affecting OEBB and PEBB double coverage and opt-out incentives before they took effect. This means:

  • Your family can continue to be double covered on more than one OEBB or PEBB plan.
  • You can also continue to receive a monthly incentive by opting out of your medical coverage.
  • You must be covered on another group plan
  • Your employer must offer this incentive.

So, it’s “business as usual” for the 2019-20 plan year – double coverage and opt-out incentives will still be allowed. HB 2266 will require a surcharge in 2020-21 for those double-covered in OEBB or PEBB medical plans. The OEBB Board will determine the surcharge amount to OEBB members. It will not take effect until October 1, 2020. We will keep you informed as more details become available.


PERS Lawsuit Filed

A diverse group of nine Oregon public employees filed suit against SB 1049 in the Oregon Supreme Court today. The lawsuit shows the broad impact of retirement cuts imposed by the Oregon state legislature this year.

Full story here: 

Senate Bill 1049 Info Page on
Senate Bill 1049 (2019) – Information and Implementation page on


Insurance Committee

2019-20 Insurance Information and Links
This page will be updated as we find more information to educate us on our new insurance and resources.  Please check here first if you have questions about coverage, rates or if a specific doctor is available to you.

The Joint Insurance Committee is composed of 10 classified members and 7 managers.  


Constitution Committee

The Constitution Committee continues its work proposing clarifications and revisions to the chapter’s constitution. Last week, the Executive Council approved nine proposed changes to the Constitution and all recommended changes will go before a vote of the full membership. The committee is considering at least 10 more potential changes. Stay tuned for updates on when the proposed constitutional changes will be on the ballot for full membership consideration. Please note that any and all changes to the constitution will go to the full membership for approval. 

The committee’s meetings are open to all members. The next meeting is from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 13 in Building 2, Room 214. 

Here are the nine proposed changes that were approved by the EC and will be included in an upcoming ballot for full membership consideration: 

    • Proposal 1: Removes fair share language
    • Proposal 2: Changes use of “policy manual” language since we could not find one. Plan is to develop an administrative manual. 
    • Proposal 3: Provides clarifying language to objectives of the union section.
    • Proposal 4: Provides clarifying language to rules of order section. 
    • Proposal 5: Provides clarifying language and process to strike authorizations section. 
    • Proposal 6: Removes duplicate language related to officer terms.
    • Proposal 7: Changes officer titles, ex: “chair” to “officer”.
    • Proposal 8: Clarifies officer removal process.
    • Proposal 9: Assigns membership application and withdrawal duties to membership officer/chair, rather than treasurer.

On Thursday, the EC will consider next steps and when to move the proposals to a ballot. 


Classified Staff Spotlight

Special thanks to the Specialized Support Services staff for throwing a tasty and fun barbecue last week! Your work around campus is appreciated! Thanks for building community and treating us to some great food and company! 

Have a classified staff member you would like to recognize?  Send it to


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Upcoming and Current Work.

Many hands make light work!  We could REALLY use your help! To participate in any of these opportunities, or to find out more, click here.

  • Bargaining – continued negotiations 
  • Research into e-Voting for union business
  • The Constitution and ByLaws rewrite
  • LCCEF Contract Committee (educate members and managers)
  • Member Organizer Institute 
  • Officers in Training
  • Worksite Leaders
  • Grievance Committee


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