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08/05/2019 Weekly Communications Update

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Bargaining – Ballots due Thursday, Aug. 8, 12pm Noon


Don’t forget to vote on the current MOA. Ballots are due by noon on Thursday August 8, 2019. Drop-off ballots at the following locations: 

  • IT Help Desk, Building 2, Room 114
  • Front Desk, Building 30, Room 103 
  • Downtown campus, Continuing Education reception area. 

It is recommended that voters drop off ballots at one of the above drop boxes, rather than use interoffice mail or postal service delivery to submit ballots this week. 


Bargaining Team Recommendation

Your bargaining team recommends ratification of this MOA because it contains many “big wins” including zero cost to employees now and controlled costs in the future with the stop loss language. We have fought to increase the Full Family contribution from the college, add Short Term Disability coverage, and weekly Wellness Release Time. In addition, the current MOA will take insurance off the table which will strengthen future bargaining efforts for wages and working conditions. Your bargaining team used the most recent survey results to inform our decisions.



What are the highlights between this TA and the first one? 


  • Similarities between both MOAs
    • Increased (college contribution) Full Family health insurance premium by $181.29 per month (“cap”)
    • 1.75% Salary Schedule Adjustment for move to OEBB effective July 1, 2019
    • Stop Loss Language
    • Added Health Savings Account and college contribution
    • Section 125 (FSA) remains the same in Year 1
  • Current MOA announced 7/24/19
    • 1 Year Agreement
    • COLA 1% 
    • Wellness release time equivalent to 1 hour a week
    • Pay for the two days worked above contracted 260 days for current academic year for eligible employees
    • Tuition Waivers for Retirees
    • Supplement Insurance – college contribution increased and added Short Term Disability
    • Internal eligibility to part time employees
    • Continued bargaining for 
    • “Us Too” Language
  • MOA Announced on 6/12/19 – Failed Ratification
    • 2 Year Agreement
    • No COLA
    • Reduced Section 125 (FSA) in Year 2


How is the wellness time different from the class attendance provision in the current contract? 

The wellness time language was recommended to accommodate the loss of access to the on-campus health clinic and provides release time equivalent to one credit hour class per work for college wellness program activities as outlined in 13.2 in the current contract. 


If we kept Pacific Source, what would be the estimated increase to my pay deduction? 

Per Paycheck / Per Month Increased deduction amounts


What is the estimated financial benefit to an employee based on the current MOA? 

The College estimates the following from their last proposal

  • Value of 1.75% increase: 
    • Pay level 4, step 10 = $516.00 increase/year
    • Pay level 8, step 10 =  $661.00 increase/year 
    • Pay level 12, step 10 = $849.00 increase/year 
    • Pay level 14, step 10 = $982.00 increase/year
  • Value of move to OEBB if enroll in same tier: 
    • Employee Only = $2,825/first year
    • Employee + One =  $7,395/first year 
    • Full Family = $8,793/first year


Wait, why are we still bargaining after this MOA? 

There is recent legislation that requires our attention. The bargaining team decided to move forward with the current agreement to settle insurance and other economic factors. The ongoing bargaining issues were not time-sensitive and can be discussed and negotiated at a later date.  


What can I do to continue to help with bargaining? 

  • Remind classified union members to vote before the deadline.
  • Help share accurate information about the current MOA. 
  • Continue to wear red! 

Please send questions, or support, to the bargaining team.   


OEBB & PEBB Double Coverage

Senate Bill 1067 (SB 1067). This law that was passed in 2017 would have affected your benefits starting October 1. Many of you expressed your concerns about the changes, and your voices were heard!

Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill 2266 (HB 2266) on June 25. This bill reversed the parts of SB 1067 affecting OEBB and PEBB double coverage and opt-out incentives before they took effect. This means:

  • Your family can continue to be double covered on more than one OEBB or PEBB plan.
  • You can also continue to receive a monthly incentive by opting out of your medical coverage.
  • You must be covered on another group plan
  • Your employer must offer this incentive.

So, it’s “business as usual” for the 2019-20 plan year – double coverage and opt-out incentives will still be allowed. HB 2266 will require a surcharge in 2020-21 for those double-covered in OEBB or PEBB medical plans. The OEBB Board will determine the surcharge amount to OEBB members. It will not take effect until October 1, 2020. We will keep you informed as more details become available.

Insurance Committee

In the event that the membership vote for OEBB the insurance committee chose the OEBB plans.  

2019-20 Insurance Information and Links
This page will be updated as we find more information to educate us on our new insurance and resources.  Please check here first if you have questions about coverage, rates or if a specific doctor is available to you.

The Joint Insurance Committee is composed of 10 classified members and 7 managers.  

*** Note there is no decision to go to OEBB.  The membership will vote on insurance.***

Classified Staff Spotlight

Congratulations to Allene Gibson from the Counseling & Advising department, who was selected by the Employee Recognition Program to be honored for the Winter Term 2019. Thanks to Patsy Slaughter and the Classified Professional Development Team for recognizing employees throughout the academic year. 

Have a classified staff member you would like to recognize?  Send it to


Union Benefits – Discounts on almost everything

Free College

Union Plus Free College, brought to you in partnership with AFSCME, offers union members and their families the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree for FREE, completely online.

Students can choose programs that include Business Management, Teacher Education, Criminal Justice, Cyber Security, Information Systems and more!

Classes are offered through Eastern Gateway Community College, an accredited, public and non-profit college. Don’t let your members miss out!

New classes begin every 8 weeks, and the next start date is August 19, 2019!

More info here:


Upcoming and Current Work.

Many hands make light work!  We could REALLY use your help! To participate in any of these opportunities, or to find out more, click here.

  • Bargaining – Economic Reopener – Currently underway
  • Research into e-Voting for union business
  • The Constitution and ByLaws rewrite
  • LCCEF Contract Committee (educate members and managers)
  • Member Organizer Institute 
  • Officers in Training
  • Worksite Leaders
  • Grievance Committee



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