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Bargaining – July 10, 2019

We met with the college bargaining team July 10, 2019.  This was the first bargaining session since the failed TA/MOA.  According to the college, they made some good faith movement. You be the judge.


The college is now offering:

  • **1/2 step January 1, 2020 for step eligible, which equals 1/4 step (1.0715%)
  • **1% Cola July 1, 2020
    • **½ step January 1, 2021 for step eligible, which equals 1/4 step (1.0715)
  • **Take away Health Clinic access 10/1/2019
  • FSA/Section 125 remain the same for 2020 (EE $670, E+1 $1340, FF $1715)
    • Drop to faculty levels for 2021 (EE $450, E+1 $700, FF $900) 
  • Add Health Savings Account (HSA) with college contributions set at EE $800, Family $1700
  • Move everyone to OEBB
    • With move to OEBB, 1.75% salary increase  for everyone (includes non contracted) retro to 7/1/2019
    • Stop Loss language, pick up by college EE 100%, E+1 95%, FF 90%


In summary the only changes from the failed MOA are those listed above with ** asteriks. We let the college bargaining team know that this wouldn’t be enough to pass a vote and that we would respond with a counter-proposal on Monday.


Note: The pdf document from the college mentions the dual coverage stipulation.  The change was announced on the day of bargaining so the college simply did not get their document updated to reflect the senate bill that reversed the stipulation on dual coverage.  Dual coverage will continue to be allowed as of Oct. 1, 2019 on OEBB and PEBB plans. 


Thanks to the 10 or so people who showed up to support the bargaining team!  And thank you Toni Timmers for the cookies!

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