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7/15/2019 Weekly Communications Update

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Board Meeting July 11, 2019

So proud of our members for turning out to the July 11, 2019 Board Meeting!!!! Thank you to everyone who attended!  We filled the inside of the board room with a sea of red. We spilled into the lobby and soon after 6:30pm there was a crowd outside the boardroom windows in red and holding signs!  A very happy moment!! Several members read statements they had prepared and this as well as the attendance certainly had an impact on the board members. At the end of the meeting several board members thanked the classified staff for their attendance and testimonies.  They stated they also want fair wages and affordable insurance for the employees. At least 3 board members stated they were appalled to hear a story shared by Andy McClure. Andy shared how in the past a board member compared classified employees to children begging for allowance.  He went on to share the ways he earns his money! The board members stated they certainly did not share that belief and are appalled that a board member would ever say such a thing. Thanks also go to Adrienne Mitchel, Faculty President, who showed up in her red LCCEF shirt and spoke on in support of classified employees.  Let’s hope we made a big enough impact that we can settle a TA this week! If not we will ramp up our activity. Stay tuned!

If you haven’t already, signed the “I Deserve a Raise!” pledge card it is highly recommended!  Just talk to your favorite officer if you need to get your hands on a pledge card.

We managed to take a few pictures you can view here.  If anyone else took pictures we would love to have them.  Send them to Also if anyone did a head count of the crowd outside we would love to know that number as well.  Thank you once again!!

Bargaining – Economic Reopener

Our latest Bargaining Update is after the meeting on July 10, 2019.  Please send questions, or support, to the bargaining team.  You can also use the forums to discuss bargaining, but please remember to keep it professional.  

This week Bargaining sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, July 16, from 11:30-12:30 and Wednesday, July 17, 11:00-12:30 both will be in CEN303.  Check these weekly messages, or the calendar at, for future dates.

Classified members are welcome and encouraged to attend the sessions. We recognize the hardship for some employees who are unable to take personal time to join; consider taking an early lunch and eat with us. Even showing up during your 15 minute break is a demonstration of solidarity and will make an impact.  Please be sure to coordinate with your manager. Sitting in on bargaining can not be done on paid time, so you will need to use a lunch hour, break or personal/vacation time and be sure that attending does not negatively impact your daily work.

Thank you to those members showing support by displaying posters, wearing red on Bargaining Days, sitting in on Bargaining Sessions, attending General Member Meetings, and Board Meetings. We can’t do this without YOU!

Details about bargaining meetings will be posted each Monday and referenced in the weekly communications update (just like this).  All posts will be available through the Bargaining Committee page on the website.

Bargaining Survey

If you are a full, dues paying member, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey so we know what to bargain for.  

Survey Forms:


Take A Selfie to Show Your Support for a Fair Contract!

We are asking members to show your support by uploading a selfie of you wearing your red union shirt and holding a fair contract sign. All the photos that we receive will be entered in a drawing and winners will get some Lane swag. Send photos to:

Do You Want to Vote on the Next Contract Ratification?

If you would like your voice to count in the next contract ratification vote please turn in a membership form to any Union Officer before TODAY! It may already be too late but we will try to make it happen. We hope to have another TA ready to vote on August 1, 2019.  Please be aware signing the membership form commits you to a minimum of one year. If you have questions about joining the Union talk to any of your Union Officers or send us an email at

OEBB & PEBB Double Coverage

Senate Bill 1067 (SB 1067). This law that was passed in 2017 would have affected your benefits starting October 1. Many of you expressed your concerns about the changes, and your voices were heard!

The governor signed House Bill 2266 (HB 2266) on June 25. This bill reversed the parts of SB 1067 affecting OEBB and PEBB double coverage and opt-out incentives before they took effect. This means:

  • Your family can continue to be double covered on more than one OEBB or PEBB plan.
  • You can also continue to receive a monthly incentive by opting out of your medical coverage.
  • You must be covered on another group plan
  • Your employer must offer this incentive.

So, it’s “business as usual” for the 2019-20 plan year – double coverage and opt-out incentives will still be allowed. HB 2266 will require a surcharge in 2020-21 for those double-covered in OEBB or PEBB medical plans. The OEBB Board will determine the surcharge amount to OEBB members. It will not take effect until October 1, 2020. We will keep you informed as more details become available.

Insurance Committee

In the event that the membership vote for OEBB the insurance committee chose the OEBB plans.  

2019-20 Insurance Information and Links
This page will be updated as we find more information to educate us on our new insurance and resources.  Please check here first if you have questions about coverage, rates or if a specific doctor is available to you.

The Joint Insurance Committee is composed of 10 classified members and 7 managers.  

*** Note there is no decision to go to OEBB.  The membership will vote on insurance.***


Do Your Part for Bargaining

The bargaining team needs your help!

Office Signs

If you have an office with a highly visible window and you would like a “Fair Contract NOW” sign, contact and we’ll get you one.  If you aren’t up to a big sign, get a smaller version here.  It will look great on your office door, or in your cubicle.  

Wear red on bargaining days  

The bargaining team needs administration to see that the Classified union stands together.  Looking out the window on the 3rd floor of the Center Building during bargaining and seeing red shirts helps more than you know!


Union Benefits – Discounts on almost everything

Strike Benefits

No one likes to use the “S” word, but we are dangerously close to having to step up, or lay down.  AFT offers several benefits to help out during a strike, but most require using AFT’s credit services.  Check out the list here.  If you are in the market for something they offer, it might be worth using them.

More info here: 


Upcoming and Current Work.

Many hands make light work!  We could REALLY use your help! To participate in any of these opportunities, or to find out more, click here.

  • Bargaining – Economic Reopener – Currently underway
  • Research into e-Voting for union business
  • The Constitution and ByLaws rewrite
  • LCCEF Contract Committee (educate members and managers)
  • Member Organizer Institute 
  • Officers in Training
  • Worksite Leaders
  • Grievance Committee



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