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Questions (and answers) from GMM on 5/21/2019

Questions asked by Members that were written on cards and left behind for our response.  


Question: Do we have any data/statistics on reduction and cost savings of classified staff after retirement incentives?

Answer: Take a look at the information at this link.  It shows the ESI Summary of employees back to 2015.


Question: What are they offering faculty economic wise?

Answer: We’ve been told they are offering them the same.  Zero steps, zero COLA. They are already with OEBB and received a salary schedule increase of 1.75% when they moved to OEBB in 2008/2009 year.


Question: What efforts are being made to make sure part time staff from other campuses are included in the conversation and know the consequences of the decisions we are discussing?  I think we need to meet face to face more so we can work through this conversations all together.

Answer: We completely agree with you and plan to hold another GMM in the next 2 weeks.  Date to be announced soon. As for ensuring others can participate we did film the last GMM and have made the link available to the Custodial Staff who work in the evenings.  We plan to announce in this update that we can make it available to others on a request basis. We do not intend to post it to our website as discussing bargaining strategies should not be public.


Statement: Let’s make it clear where those “retirement incentive” savings are going – 6 figure management & Assoc VP titles.

This is not framed as a question so we have no response other than to state we are ver opposed to the Administration’s decision to fill 11 manager vacancies.  


Suggestion: On one card left behind was this idea to assist with the Bargaining process. Please send us your ideas and willingness to implement them as well.  

Building a go to Community Support @ Food/Rent on LCCEF website – Who can organize…. give/need

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