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OEBB Plan Selection

If the membership vote to accept the TA and we go to OEBB insurance, the following plan selections have been made for Classified Employees.

Medical, Dental, and Vision plan selections:


  • Moda 1
  • Moda 2
  • Moda 6 + HSA
  • Kaiser 1
  • Moda 7 – specifically for retirees


  • Moda 1
  • Moda 6
  • Willamette Dental


  • Moda Opal
  • VSP Plus


Plan Comparison

The 1on1 sessions being given today (6/20/19) through next Wednesday (6/26/19) are providing a packet of information that could be useful to anyone trying to compare PacificSource to OEBB.  Following are the same files if you would like to do your own comparison.

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