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LCCEF President’s words to the Board of Ed 6/13/2019

I’ve really Struggled with the message I would share with you tonight. I typed information that seems pertinent but I feel it is useless as most of you appear to ignore information from LCCEF, LCCEA, and ASLCC if it does not agree with the messages from the Administration.

You have thanked me and my team for our respectful and collaborative behavior several times. I am a firm believer that dialog has to stay respectful for everyone to stay engaged and at the table. I also believe that to create authentic, trust filled relationships, each person involved must behave with integrity.

BP635 Institutional Integrity
The institution strives to adhere to the highest ethical standards in its representation to its constituencies… in treatment of students, faculty and staff… The Board is responsible to insure the integrity of the college…. Integrity is demonstrated by conduct that is honest in words and in actions, and promotes respect, fairness, and openness… All college employees are expected to conduct themselves with integrity.

Do you realize that if issues we’ve brought to you were resolved you would not hear the same things from us month after month? We don’t just make up things to have something to complain about.

Lane is a hostile work environment. And Lane is a college that is risk averse which just emboldens bullies to do and say anything they want. They publicly attack colleagues with vicious lies and toxic messages. These messages create anxiety and poor morale and certainly less productivity. And the college does nothing.

We have an Administration who do not operate with the highest of ethical standards toward their employees. There is a lack of honesty in words and actions. And there is a lack of fairness and openness. I am beyond disappointed with this Administration.

It is not respectful to hire more managers when we have such low enrollment and we are told we are in a budget crisis

It is not respectful to outsource needed services and hold onto student housing that cannot pay for itself but contributes to the budget crisis

It is not respectful to create yet another management position from the work of a soon to be retired classified employee.

It is not respectful to take away benefits without giving something back in equal measure. Taking something from someone that does not want to give it up is actually called stealing.

It is not respectful to tell your employees there is no money for a Cost of Living Increase when the proposed starting fund balance for the next year is over $28 million.

We have collected to date nearly 300 pledge cards from our members who also agree the Administration and the Board need to treat us with respect and in accordance with BP635.

With the highest ethical standards….with respect and integrity.



This portion was not read, but was printed out and handed to the board due to a lack of time.


Yesterday we signed a Tentative Agreement regarding insurance. Monday we will hold a General Membership Meeting to discuss the terms of the agreement. This was only a partial contract as we retained our rights to bargain for other economic issues for the next 2 years. We decided in the best interests of our members that separating out the insurance piece from the rest was what we should do. Yesterday was the last day we could TA for insurance without potentially needing an extension for PacificSource. That extension may have incurred heavy expenses for our members in increased premium costs.

The reason we were not willing to settle on the rest of the contract is a simple one. We believe what the college was offering for everything else was unjust.

We along with the faculty have been told for months there will be no increases for steps or Cost of Living Adjustment. And they maintain this is all because of the budget crisis we are in. The Classified are a very dedicated and giving group. We have through the years given back to the college in many ways including wages. There was a year not so long ago where many of us volunteered to reduce our hours so our wage could be reduced to help the college budget. And other years where we’ve accepted very little in wage increases including a zero COLA. We believe in the college and are willing to sacrifice to help it survive. But we need to see our Administration do the same thing. That is not what we are seeing. Instead we see vacant management positions being filled and new ones created. Decisions like filling the vacancies of 11 manager positions. Quick math; 100,000 annual salary x’s 11= 1.1m add OPE 715k, total 1.8m. That might be a bit high so let’s round down a bit and call it 1.5m for 11 positions. A total of 72 managers. A 73rd management position was posted just last week. I’ve been told that posting was pulled after we wrote to the college stating we will file a grievance because that position was actually the work of the classified Health Professions Project Coordinator who is retiring. Yes, the college decided they would assign classified work to a manager position.

We are still waiting for the college to produce a cost analysis with all the pertinent details of outsourcing both the Titan Bookstore and Food Services. They continue to leave out any information regarding wages and benefits provided by new contractors.

In the proposed budget document for FY20 it shows beginning fund balances of 17m and contingency fund balances of nearly 11m. A total of 28m.

State Legislative Budget came in 50m higher than expected. Fantastic news! This means 2m more each year for Lane than we were expecting.

Yet the college states it is not fiscally sustainable for them to pay its employees a cost of living increase.

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