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Cultural Competency Training May 9, 6-8 pm by ASLCCSG

Good afternoon fellow Classified staff,

This evening, ASLCCSG is hosting a cultural competency training open to all community members. LCC’s caring students have worked hard to put together this event and would appreciate the LCC staff support.

Here is a message from Multicultural Program Coordinator Chavon Wright and Gender and Sexuality Diversity Advocate Cameron Santiago:

I, Cameron Santiago, GSDA and Chavon Wright, Multicultural Program
Coordinator of ASLCCSG present to you the first ever student funded
professional development opportunity: Cultural Competency Training!

Cultural competency is the ability of an individual or organization to
effectively interact with people of different cultures. Students, faculty,
and staff have been under served by the lack of efforts made to provide
this crucial training to members of our community. As members of ASLCC
Student Government we have decided to provide this to our students,
faculty, and staff. The training will be delivered by Dr. Da Verne Bell,
the Director of Equity and Inclusion at Saint Mary’s Academy. Dr. Bell has
over 25 years of experience in equity training and positions.

The training is on* Thursday, May 9th, 2019 from 6-8pm in the Haugland
Commons (Center Building, Second Floor)*. *The location has been changed* *from
the Longhouse* so as to accommodate space for a board meeting.

We are so excited to see you all there!

If you are able to attend, be sure to sign in as the students have worked with our office of Equity & Inclusion to ensure tracking of cultural competency training hours.

Kenny Ascheri


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