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5/17/2019 Bargaining Update

We want to again express our gratitude for the expressions of solidarity this past few weeks.  And once more to thank every fellow classified employee that took the time to be in the room and offer your silent support to your bargaining team. Thank you to every person with a sign in your window, wearing your red LCCEF shirt, and every employee letting management know that we’re not happy with the way we’re being treated; again, we really appreciate your support.

On May 17, the college didn’t bring much new to the table.  They shared a few documents with us. See here.  The essence of the offer is still a salary increase if we move to an OEBB Insurance plan, no other salary increase, and they are still stating they want to discontinue the college FSA contribution.  They are interested in starting an HSA and they shared they would contribute to that though they want the amount to be less than our current FSA employer contribution. Your EC, Bargaining Team, and Joint Insurance Committee, have been actively seeking personal and commercial information on OEBB and HSA’s. We encourage every Classified employee to attend the Kaiser information sessions this week and continue to educate yourselves regarding this decision.

Your Bargaining Team can’t do it alone, we’re going to need you all to continue to communicate by showing up, wearing red, posting signs, and keeping the conversation going.

Please make sure that if you decide to come to a bargaining session that you coordinate with your manager first. You must use leave or flex time to sit in a session.  If your manager says no to you attending and the reason you are given doesn’t seem right, please let us know at

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