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4/8/2019 Weekly Communications Update

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Special Board meeting 4/1/2019 Recap

There was one action item on the agenda.  To vote on tuition increase. The Board approved a $4.50 increase per credit.  This is the HEPI plus $1.00. Discussion items included The Administration’s Budget Balancing recommendations.  In the 4.1.19 Administration’s budget there are line items for the Health Clinic restructuring and Titan Bookstore outsourcing to Barnes and Noble.  Both of these services have been under review since July 2018 along with 9 other Lane services .  

LCCEF delivered a statement about ORS279B.033.  In reply to the ORS language Brian Kelly stated that other colleges in Oregon have outsourced to Barnes and Noble (B&N).  It is true that 7 colleges in Oregon have outsourced their bookstore to B&N but about ½ of these are private and not subject to ORS 279B.  The ones that are public may not have been tipped off to this law, as we were. So we are pursuing this with our parent organization AFT-Or.  The College are also consulting with legal.


Budget Development Subcommittee (BDS)

BDS met for 7 hours on March 20th, 2019.  We balanced the budget by recommending a $6.00 tuition increase and holding open 2 million of vacant positions among other things.  We took our budget to College Council (our parent Council) during a special session on March 22nd. College Council made some changes to our budget which included decreasing the tuition increase from $6.00 per credit to $4.50 per credit and adding 1.3 million in reductions to part time employees.  The Administration accepted some of the suggestions from BDS and College Council but chose to reduce the amount of vacancies held open and continue to advocate for outsourcing the bookstore. Look at page 3.


Bargaining – Economic Reopener

Details about bargaining meetings will be posted each Monday and referenced in the weekly communications update (just like this).  All posts will be available through the Bargaining Committee page on the website.

Today’s post covers the meeting on April 5, 2019. Please take a few minutes to read the post and send questions, or support, to the bargaining team.  You can also use the forums to discuss bargaining, but please remember to keep it professional.  


Classification and Compensation

Please note the last date to submit your appeal is 4/12/2019.  The last drop in session where you can get questions answered regarding your appeal is Wednesday, 4/10/2019 @ 10:30 AM in LCC2/215.


Insurance Committee

The Insurance Committee met with Pat Cross, our insurance consultant from Pacific Benefits, on Tuesday April 2nd.  He shared that we may not get a great deal of interest in an RFP but we can ask for a check bid. The check bid is already done on the Pacific Benefits end but they need current rates to finish.  Pat is pushing PacificSource to get us the new rates sooner. June 1st is when they should get them to us but he is hoping for May 1st. He is also asking them to quote an HSA plan.

In the RFP done 2 years ago, PacificSource & Providence were the top 2.


Union Benefits – Discounts on almost everything

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Upcoming and Current Work.

Many hands make light work!  We could REALLY use your help! To participate in any of these opportunities, or to find out more, click here.

  • Bargaining – Economic Reopener – Currently
  • Research into e-Voting for union business
  • The Constitution and ByLaws rewrite
  • LCCEF Contract Committee (educate members and managers)
  • Member Organizer Institute
  • Officers in Training
  • Worksite Leaders
  • Grievance Committee

Our union by the numbers

  • Membership: 335 full members (based on LCCEF dues files)
  • Officers: 8 officer positions filled / 3 positions vacant (1 COPE Chair, 2 Member at Large)
  • Labor Management: 19 active cases including 2 multiple member/group issues, 109 resolved since Jan 1, 2018, helped place 17 members in new positions.


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