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4-19-2019 Bargaining

Janus Language Proposal

We shared our proposal for removing Janus language from the contract and replacing it with language requiring the college to supply the Federation with two employee lists each pay period. The college had some push back about hard date deadlines and the additional workload this would put on the Human Resources department. We assured the college that there are technological resources available that would automatically accomplish distribution tasks without intervention from the team. The college will consult with appropriate parties and counter.


Pay Equity Law

We asked the college if there was any update on the new pay equity law. The college is awaiting more information from BOLI but also found out through training that the college has the ability to red-line employees in certain cases.

LCCEF Contract Appendix O says, “Employees who accept non-bona fide job offers shall be placed at a step on the new classification pay level that is as close to, but no less than, their former hourly pay level at the time of lay-off. Employees with a former hourly pay level that exceeds the highest step and hourly pay level of the new classification shall have their hourly rate of pay “red-lined” (guaranteed) until the salary schedule is adjusted upward beyond the red-lined salary level.”

The article BOLI Issues Final Rules on Oregon’s Equal Pay Law from Nov 2018 outlines, “OAR 839-008-0025 clarifies that “red circling,” freezing, or otherwise holding an employee’s pay constant as other employees performing work of comparable character are brought into alignment is not considered a reduction in pay for the employee whose pay is frozen.”


Health Clinic

We asked the college if they had any update on the Health Clinic. The college responded with no new information to share at this time. The feeling shared by the college’s bargaining committee is that this transition wouldn’t be something that happens overnight.



With regard to classified evaluations, managers were tasked in November 2018 to conduct evaluations for all classified employees with a deadline of June 30, 2019. The college is returning to annual evaluations for .5 FTE and greater employees. We asked, “Are they being required to be redone even if they’ve been done in the past year?”, the college replied by confirming they are to be completed again.

Manager evaluations will be conducted for all managers by the administrator overseeing the manager’s work. Classified staff will have the opportunity to provide feedback through a feedback survey prior to the manager’s evaluation. The college will provide more information about how this will be done in the upcoming weeks. This feedback will be an important part of the manager evaluations, so we strongly urge all classified employees to take the time to complete a survey for your manager.

Constructive suggestions for your manager could include: having an open door policy, having weekly conversations with individuals, holding team meetings, or providing more guidance to the team that they manage. Suggestions like these will be most useful and have a greater chance of providing positive outcomes.


Economic Proposal

We asked the college if there was any update on our economic proposal and they said no. The college stated that the bargaining costing calculator estimated a value of $1.9 million for our proposal.  Additionally, this does not include costs for a backfill pool, implementation of Class and Comp study, or a governance stipend. Our math shows a total of $1.6M, but we don’t know what the college used for their numbers.  We have requested their calculations so we can understand. 


Future Meeting Times

We will not be meeting on May 3 because of Spring Conference. Spring Conference and Fall In-Service are valuable times when the college assigns all employees to be engaged in skill building and learning exercises. Please take advantage of these opportunities provided by the college and reach out to if you are having trouble finding time to attend these sessions.

Fridays during the summer the bargaining teams will need to find a new meeting time. We will spread awareness of this new time when it is decided. Remember that these meetings are open to all members of the unit to attend.

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