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4.11.19 Board of Ed Message

4.11.18 Board of Education Message, Robin Geyer, President LCCEF

Regarding Outsourcing Food services and Titan Bookstore and ORS 279B.033, LCCEF want to make the Board aware we have made the two following requests:

  1. 3/20/19 a cost analysis of Food Services
  2. 4.10.19 a cost analyses of Food Services and Titan Bookstore

In the March 14, 2019 Board minutes pg. 13 “The question was whether the board wants to authorize the college to proceed with that analysis.” It isn’t a question of whether the board authorizes the college to do the analysis.  It is law that the college does the analysis. If Barnes and Noble pay lower wages and offer less benefits it is not legal for the college to contract with them for bookstore services.

In my notes from 4.1.19 Board meeting I recorded Brian as saying “there is a matrix the college must follow, Greg Holmes is engaging with legal, this has been viable for other colleges in the state of Oregon, and they are confident they will move through it. Confident the college will move through the requirements of ORS 279B.033 because other colleges in Oregon have outsourced to B&N? There are 7* other colleges in Oregon who have contracted with B&N, 4 of those are private so the statute does not apply.  Of the remaining 3 only one is a community college, Clackamas. It may be that they are not aware of ORS 279B.033. In 2015 Central Point School District was forced to void a contract to outsource transportation when the statute was applied. On reading the Hicks vs Central Point decision it is unclear to me whether employees were reinstated and back wages were paid but there was mention of it. Might that happen at Lane? That would certainly impact our budget.

Regarding Titan Bookstore Proposal by Tony Sanjume:
In this proposal Tony stated that “if the store is allowed to maneuver their staff the store can be revenue neutral or even positive”. He proposed closing the downtown store and reducing part time employees. He also projects a loss in 18/19 at $126K instead of the colleges projection of  $258K if the college will implement these cost saving strategies immediately. Have these strategies been implemented? In this current Board packet on page 35 the college disagrees with the Titan Store calculation of contracted personnel cost and state that instead of $160,813 it should actually be $210,920.  I agree with the college. Tony was wrong. He calculated too high by about $11,000 for the contracted classified employees. It should have been $149,719 instead of $160,813. Please see attached. I was able to gather this information from the Costing Calculator supplied to LCCEF last week by the college for the purposes of costing bargaining.

Last sentence in Titan Store Proposal; “We again urge the Board of Education to require the Titan Store to make immediate changes to balance its fiscal operations with a plan to review and report changes on an annual basis.”

Please uphold your first vote to not outsource the Titan Bookstore.

*The 7 Colleges in Oregon who contract with Barnes and Noble

  • 4 private: Lewis & Clark, Pacific University, University of Portland & Linfield
  • 3 public: Eastern Oregon University, Southern Oregon University and Clackamas.
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