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Questions to think about

  • What is the cost to the college in monitoring contracts with subcontractors?
  • Is the subcontractor paying their utility costs such as electricity, water and gas, or is Lane?
  • How much IT support will be needed? If the subcontractor needs access to Banner, wifi, Lane’s internal network, Lane’s phone system… the impact to IT could be quite high. Who pays for that?
  • How about the Facilities Trades people and our Custodial Staff? Do subcontractors reimburse the college for these labor costs?
  • Who will pay for the repair and maintenance of Facilities? The college or the subcontractor?
  • We just invested $5,260,000 in the Titan Store remodel and $1,858,000 in the Food Services remodel.  
  • Might Food Services be able to show improvement now that there is stable management after multiple years of erratic leadership?
  • Barnes & Noble (B&N) are a for profit company. How will OER (Open Education Resource) materials be supported by B&N? Will they raise prices for textbooks to make up for losses from OER? Whether they raise book prices, or refuse to provide OER materials, this is a cost that passes directly to our students.
  • If B&N retains Lane employees but pay their employees less and offer less benefits, how will that inequity of pay impact the employees working together?
  • What are the other hidden issues that will show up when we share space with people who are not part of Lane’s family?
  • Will those not part of Lane’s family feel the pride in the new facilities (Titan Store and Food Services)?
  • Will the employees of a subcontractor such as Barnes and Noble be around long enough to get to know student and employee faces giving that personal touch?

Please share your thoughts and show your support for these services by submitting your name and comments here and if possible by being in attendance at the Board meeting on Thursday 1/10/19 at 6:30pm in the boardroom. We will do our best to share all of your comments with the Board during the Statements from Audience and will submit all responses to the Board members for their review.

 If attending the Board meeting remember to wear your Union t-shirts and/or buttons!

Please Note: In addition to arranging for comments to the Board your LCCEF team have been submitting requests for information and meeting with management from the Service areas and Administration to discuss restructuring that would help keep these services sustainable.

For instance:

  • One idea is to shift some FTE to the General fund for those employees who have duties in line with other employees at the college.
  • There are ideas for merging the services in creative ways to make the departments more streamlined to avoid duplication of services.
  • There could be savings in changing hours of operation.

Do you have ideas? Please share them here.

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