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Constitution/By-laws Committee Update

The Constitution/By-laws Committee began meeting in August and in recent months has met bi-weekly to advance the review of the LCCEF Constitution and By-Laws.

Many of the proposed changes have been grammatical and for clarity. Some changes have been proposed to enhance the efficiency of the organization, such as the proposed creation of new officer positions.

Examples of ongoing and upcoming discussion questions:

  • Should we split the duties of the vice president into two roles: organizing/membership and labor relations
  • Should we change to length of time someone must be a member before eligible for office from one year to 90 days or shorter.
  • Should we  change to extend authority to call executive council meetings to council, rather than solely the authority of president.
  • Elimination of one of the two officer at large positions.
  • What should the LCCEF’s role be in political organizing?
  • Should the Constitution Committee be eliminated to create a parliamentarian position to empanel a committee as needed for constitution/by-laws review?
  • Should the outgoing president remain as a voting Executive Committee member for 1 year?
  • Should we stage the terms of Officers so it there will always be officers on the Executive Council that have some experience?
  • Do we need a Policy Manual?

Want to see the proposed changes and other committee questions? Log into your Lane Google account and visit:

Want to read the LCCEF Constitution and By-Laws? View them here:

Want to propose changes or ask questions? Send to:  

Want to get involved and attend the next Constitution Committee meeting? Join us Noon to 1 p.m., Jan. 22 in Building 2, Room 214

What’s next? A general membership vote is needed to make any changes to the constitution or by-laws. Look for a separate email communication from the elections committee about a proposed amendment that will facilitate the revision process.

Committee members:

Kyle Schmidt, Chair
Elizabeth Andrade
Kenny Ascheri
Alen Bahret
Rosa Maria Banuelos-Uribe
Zhasmene Bowles
Matt Danskine
Robin Geyer
Nikki Li
Casandra Rhay
Linda Schantol
Marsha Sills

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