10-2018 Workload Survey

Classified Workload Survey

The LCCEF is seeking information from the Classified employees. Our intent is to have a clear understanding of staffing and workload in each department across campus so that we can advocate for the departments and areas in most need.

Staffing decisions at the college are being made by the cabinet (Marge, Brian, Paul, Greg, Dennis and Jen), and we are concerned that they do not have all of the information they need to make fair and equitable decisions. We would like to gather information to ensure that areas of the college are not being neglected while other areas in less critical need get help.

If you check this box we will talk to you before we discuss your answers with anyone.

How many classified staff in your department?

i.e. Do you have to frequently work overtime or outside of your regular schedule to catch up on your work?
i.e. We are concerned that staff are spending energy to recruit and train part timers too often when it could cost us less to just hire a full timer instead.