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Email from a union member to the college

Earlier this week I received one of those emails we sometimes see blasted out through Groupwise to a group of people. This particular email was in support of a manager who may have been unjustly released. While, as your classified union, we don’t have any power on management decisions about management, there was a section in this email that pertained to us, the LCCEF union.

I won’t quote the entire email, but I will quote the one paragraph…

“As I watch this all unfold I am reminded how grateful I am to be part of a union and of how important it is keep our unions strong. Is this how the college would treat us all if we were not protected? I am always concerned when I see unjust labor practices. This is the first time I have ever found myself needing to speak up for a management position, but I simply cannot remain silent. Does he deserve a forced removal without warning just a couple of years before 30 years at the college and in PERS? Should we all expect this as we near retirement age? He has demonstrated a broad array of skills and flexibility, while being asked to lead multiple unrelated areas, and yet the college finds absolutely NO place for him moving forward. There has been many an undeserving manager who was afforded far more options. Just because one may have the right to “fire at will”, does not mean that this practice should be utilized. At minimum even the worst individuals should be given warning and the opportunity to amend. Believe me, I am more than relieved and grateful when toxic, abusive, lazy, manipulative or vindictive managers are ultimately asked to leave…”

These are difficult times for Lane Community College.  College leadership has a lot of hard decisions to make.  Your union is here to make sure that the college leadership is not making rash decisions without considering the contract it has with the classified staff.

If you are a full member, please consider helping out on one of the committees doing the work of the union.  If you are not a full member, please consider joining the union as a full member. There is strength in numbers.  It is obvious, now more than ever, that we need that strength to make sure we all receive fair treatment and that our union has the funds and member numbers to enforce our contract.

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