Tentative Agreement 2018/2019

We have reached a tentative agreement with the college and will hold a Contract Ratification vote on June 28, 2018, at noon (12:00 pm). Please see the Tentative Agreement, Agreement Comparisons and the COLA Comparisons at the bottom of this message.

Don Patton, Elections Chair, sent an email announcement on 6.13.18 with more details about the election process.

The agreement consists of 1.25% COLA and a ½ step for EVERYONE.  The college agreed to add one more ½ step to our salary schedule.  This means on July 1 everyone, even those at the highest step (step 18 for contracted and step 17 for hourly salary schedules) will receive a ½ step increase (2.15%).  The two salary schedule increases combined means on July 1 everyone receives a 3.4% increase.

We are fully aware the COLA is low compared to local CPI. We found the numbers to be between 2-3% depending on what sites were researched.  We were asking for a 3% COLA and ½ steps for those step eligible on Jan 1, 2019. This calculation brought us about 150K above the bargaining parameter.  The college countered with 1% COLA and ½ steps for everyone while also adding to the top of the salary scale which of course means it is there into the future for all still not at the top of the scale and provides a ½ step increase for about 2/3rds of our employees who are on the top step already.  This brought us back into the bargaining parameter (702K). We then countered with 1.25% COLA and the college picking up the increase to premium costs for the June 25th payroll. This took us about 100K over the bargaining parameter. We felt this wasn’t too bad of a compromise as it meant EVERYONE would get a 3.4% increase on July 1.  They accepted.

Given the budget situation at Lane and the board’s decision not to increase the employer portion of the insurance contribution, this is a good deal for our members.  We encourage you to ratify the contract!

In addition:

  • Flexible Spending (FSA) contributions will remain the same (Employee only $670.00, Employee + 1 $1,340.00 and Full Family $1,715.00)
  • The college will continue the same (dollar amount) health insurance premium contribution
  • Health insurance remains the same for vision and dental
  • Pharmacy changes from Preferred Drug List (PDL) to Oregon Drug List (ODL)
  • Four (4) new modified insurance plans are offered
  • No change to $2,500.00 Alternative Care benefit, with the exception of co-pay is now $30.00 instead of $25.00
  • The college agrees to pick up the modified plan employee premium increase for the June 25, 2018 payroll
  • 16 hours of vacation sell remains
  • Comp and Class Study:  When findings are complete we will bargain the impact including fixing our salary schedule (some steps are below minimum wage)
  • We also have agreement to work collaboratively on 12 additional items through Labor Management with the college. See lccef.org for the list. The college did not bring forward a non-economic Plus One item

Plus 1 Item and/or MOA Ideas:

  1. Class and Comp Study Implementation
  2. Standardized employee and manager disciplinary path process – education
  3. Consistent discipline for all – Due process for putting people on administrative leave; people are guilty without a conversation with accused; speedy investigations
  4. Improved transfer list process
  5. Merit/Lead Pay – Measurable process, fair and equitable
  6. Adapted wellness program to help with employee morale
  7. Backfill/Floaters
  8. Improve hiring committee search process  
    1. Streamline it to stop losing potential candidates due to lengthy process
    2. If a manager overrides a hiring committee’s recommendation, maybe have an adjusted probationary process in these cases
    3. Ensure manager hiring looks for demonstration of emotional intelligence, conflict management (not averse), ability to learn new things
  9. Seniority procedure/best practice for timesheet employees
  10. Employee evaluations
  11. Manager evaluations
  12. Automation processes (efficiency – continuous process improvement)

Policies We Want Addressed:

  • Policy developed around fraternizing with students
  • No tolerance bullying policy
  • Add language to the Nepotism policy to avoid certain issues  – grandfather in those who are already employed



Classified Agreement Comparison, 14-15 through 18-19

Classified/Management/Faculty COLA Comparisons – 2001 – 2017

Tentative Agreement

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