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2018-05-21 Communications Weekly Update

Hope everyone is getting to enjoy some of the sun as it starts to shine!

The LCCEF has Splash! tickets available for union members and their families!  Splash! is a great way to have some fun and laughs with your kids.  Contact Matt at x3367, or to get yours.  They are $4/ea (discounted from $6/ea).

There is a lot of insurance related “stuff” flying around these days.  Two very important things around insurance

1. Insurance Plan Information Sessions are scheduled as follows:

  • Tuesday, May 22, 2018; 3:00pm – 4:00pm in the Boardroom
  • Tuesday, May 22, 2018; 4:00pm – 5:00pm in the Boardroom

Please try to attend one of the sessions to get answers to questions specific to your needs.

2. There is an LCCEF survey posted asking for your thoughts on some of the options we are looking into.  

Insurance Survey

This year the Budget Development Committee had to figure out how to come up with $5.9 million to balance the budget. It did so without involuntary layoffs while also budgeting for the same average increase in payroll expenses we have had for the last 10 years.  In a tight budget year the college only has so much money to devote to increases in payroll costs. This is why the survey is important!  We are asking for your help in deciding how to approach the use of this money.  Generally speaking, the options are:
  1. COLA (Cost of Living) (Directly increases the amount of money in your paycheck from this day forward)
  2. Step increases (Directly increases the amount of money in your paycheck from this day forward)
  3. Insurance premium contribution
  4. Etc.

We can bargain that the college should increase the amount spent on insurance, but the college has stated that there will not be more money devoted to the employer portion of our health insurance costs.  Since October 2015 no one has had any success changing this. 

If our members vote to keep our insurance the same then that will decrease the amount of money we can use towards COLA, steps, etc.  By voting on which insurance adjustment to go with, if any, you are letting us know how you would like this money spent.
The insurance survey asks a few questions that require quite a lot of information to make educated decisions.  To help with this, we have created a document that you can print, or have open in another window, while filling out the survey.
Step 1: Log into Google using Lane credentials
If you have never used your Lane GSuite, please go here to activate it.
(Use your MyLane/ExpressLane login for this link)
Step 3:  Click on this Insurance Survey Link

To fill out the survey you must be logged into Google through your Lane GSuite account.  There are some instructions at the top of the “Additional Information” document, but if you have any problems, please contact for assistance.

We know that this is a lot to ask, but this is information we need in order to bargain what you, our union, wants.

Thank you, and have a great week!

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