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Using Groupwise rules to control your email

We all have those messages we don’t want to see showing up in our work email that you just can’t get to stop.  It’s like a fly buzzing around your head.  It just won’t go away.  Here’s how you can set up a rule in Groupwise to filter out specific emails.

In Groupwise

1. Click on the Tools menu
2. In the window that pops up, click on the “New…” button
Now you’ll see this window…

3. Give your rule a name.  Something descriptive like “Ignore emails from that annoying fly”.
4. Check the box next to “New Item” labeled “Received”.  This will apply the rule to email that you receive.
5. Under “Item Type” check the box next to “Mail”.  This tells Groupwise that the rule only applies to email.
6. Click on “Define Conditions and choose the following conditions.
To — Does Not Contain — Your email address — And
From — Matches — Name of the buzzing fly — End

7. Click “Add Action” and choose “Delete/Decline”.  This tells Groupwise to delete the message rather than adding it to your inbox.
8. Click “Add Action” again and choose “Reply…”
9. Click “Ok” to reply to the original sender.
10. You should see your groupwise name in the From:

10. Add a subject. Something like “”Quit bugging me, you buzzy fly!” 
11. Add a message.  Something like “Your buzzing gives me a headache and I don’t like it!  Shoo fly!”
12. Click “OK”

Here’s what that all means.  If John Smith sends an email that I receive, but didn’t send it directly to me by putting my email address in the “To” field (like John is just spamming everyone in a big list I happen to be on because I work at Lane), Groupwise will silently delete the message before I ever see it and send a message back to John telling him to leave me alone.

Now, lets say that John has legitimate reasons to be emailing me.  No problem.  As long as John emails me by putting my name in the “To…” field of the email, my rule doesn’t delete the email.

Now, lets also say that John is a crafty little fly and he figures out that a large portion of his emails are being deleted so he starts sending email to the list using the “To…” field.  Well, if you don’t have any reason to receive email from John for real work, just edit your rule and get rid of the “To…” criteria.  That way, no matter how John tries to send you an email it will be deleted and he will be told that you don’t care to hear from him again.

Hope this helps with those annoying flies we all have in our email inboxes.

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