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FY19 Budget Recommendation

The Budget Development Subcommittee passed an FY19 budget recommendation yesterday, which in turn was approved by the College Council and will be presented to the Board of Education tonight. The summary is attached.

The budget adjustments do not include any involuntary job separations or program eliminations. The recommended budget assumes that 70% of all vacant positions will be filled, the remaining 30% not filled.  Second, the budget recommendation does include $1.8M for additional “personnel cost adjustment” for all personnel, based upon the 10 year average personnel cost adjustment, namely COLAs, steps, and insurance costs. We still need to negotiate these amounts of course, as ‘budgeting’ and ‘bargaining’ are separate matters, but the budget recommendation does provide room for such costs.

If you have any questions or concerns please add them to our forum.

Your representatives on the budget development committee currently are Robin Geyer and Pat Griffin.

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