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Bargaining Question Received via Email

Text as received from a member email 2.26.18…
“When will we see the new classification system and pay levels?”
– The results of the study are due June 30th.
“Also, as rumor control…
I’ve heard an offer of another “separation incentive” was made by management, and reject by the Exec Council.”
– We’ve only heard rumors as well, nothing official. What we have heard is that the administration is considering a targeted separation incentive. The concern was that in the past some departments lost too much experience all at once, so they are hesitant to offer a blanket incentive. Nothing has been offered or rejected.
“I’ve also heard that it is all but a “done-deal” that we will be moving to OEBB this year, but without the pay-increase faculty received when they moved.”
– The only news to report here is that Marge has asked to meet with us to discuss OEBB.
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