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Meet member organizer D’Ante Carter

D’Ante Carter has been an employee at Lane Community College since 2014 and works as a custodian in the facilities and management department. D’Ante volunteered to serve as a worksite leader for LCCEF 2417 and when approached with the opportunity to serve as a member organizer to help grow and strengthen LCCEF as a Union; D’Ante was excited to take on the role. The AFT-Oregon in coordination with locals around the state worked to put together a six month program that would allow members to receive training and work for their union to increase membership and member engagement. D’Ante came on as a member organizer in the beginning of January and has since increased membership for LCCEF by eighteen new members and counting. D’Ante is committed to continue to engage LCC classified employees, build solidarity among members, and strengthen LCCEF as a Union.


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