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Executive Council Election Results

We, the Elections Committee, have completed the counting of ballots for LCCEF Union Officers, Friday, December 1, 2017 by 7:15 p.m.
As stated in the constitution of our union we used the simple majority of votes cast which is 50% +1 in order to declare a winner.
Here are the results of the election:

Treasurer: Total Cast: 151

Cassandra Rhay 151 (winner)

Cope: Total Cast: 150

Lisa Rupp -150 (winner)

Recording secretary: Total Cast: 148

Lesley Stine – 147 (winner)
Robin Geyer – 1 write in

Corresponding Secretary: Total cast: 142

Rosa Maria Banuelos-Uribe – 141 (winner)
Rodger Gamblin -1 write in

Membership: Total cast: 154

Von Young – 92 (winner)
Tammy Burbee – 62

Grievance Secretary: Total cast: 156

Dawn Rupp- 83 (winner)
Denise Brinkman -73

Vice President: Total cast: 157

Robin Geyer 101 (Winner)
Marleena Pearson 31
Micheal Schneider 24
Alen Bahret – 1 (write in)

President: Total cast 162

Pat Griffin – 82 (winner)
Sara Fox – 47
Elizabeth Andrade – 30
Bob Baldwin – 2 (write in)
Scott Bell – 1 (write in)

Thank you all for voting and for your confidence in the election committee and the process.
Congratulations to all of our new officers.
Linda Schantol – Elections Committee Chair
Barbara Bailey
Dacia Smith
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