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10.23.2017 9: 29 pm: Video of this evening’s press conference. Get the facts! #LaneCoStrike 

10.23.2017 2: 05 am: Local 2831 sat down with the County today and bargained until 1 AM. The County passed a proposal around 5:30 PM, our Union countered around 11:00 PM. Our Union’s proposal made more movement toward the management proposal, in hopes of reaching a settlement. At roughly, 1 AM, the state mediator let us know that the County would be declining to respond to our proposal today. Our Union expects to hear from the County by end of day Monday.

The team was extremely disappointed and believed the parties could have reached an agreement this morning, averting the strike continuing. Instead, we will all be on the picket line tomorrow! Stay strong, stay united, and we will win! #LaneCoStrike

10.20.2017 6: 49 pm: Statement from Oregon AFSCME Local 2831: The Commissioners decision to not come to the table and bargain today means this strike will continue. We believe the gap between the parties to be roughly $1 million over three years for each contract. Their shameful actions are causing harm to vulnerable communities and to dedicated public servants. Our members will stay strong and united! #LaneCoStrike

10.19.2017 3: 13 pm: The Lane County Government just held a press conference with KVAL Newsand lied through their teeth about the negotiations! Shameful. We bargained in good faith to get to an agreement, got extremely close to their offer, then they walked away from the table. #LaneCoStrike

10.18.2017 9: 23 am: The bargaining team of Local 2831 worked tirelessly through the night to get to a deal. The County’s bargaining team walked away from the table instead of pursuing a deal to limit the impact of a strike. The County Commissioners and County Administrator Steve Mokrohisky now own this strike and its impacts on vulnerable populations.  #LaneCoStrike 

10.18.2017 8: 54 am: Despite bargaining 32 hours in the last two and half days, and making major movement, Steve “Scott Walker” Mokrohisky and the county’s bargaining team walked away from negotiations forcing the strike to continue. Workers are standing strong and the picket lines are rockin! #LaneCoStrike



AFSCME in the News:


10.17.2017 8 pm Update: Lane County Commissioners voted 3-1 to move forward. AFSCME Local 2831 is still in mediation but planning to strike starting Wednesday morning.
Thanks to GTFF 3544 for posting the picket locations and times!

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10.17.2017 10 am Update: Today, the Lane County Commissioners are scheduled to take a vote on whether to impose the county’s final offer to Lane County workers from AFSCME Local 2831.

Sign the petition to County Commissioners here: AFSCME Lane County Workers Petition

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