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Michael Canning’s Celebration of Life is on Saturday, July 1

“Michael was one of the truly nice people in this world. After all our years in the radio trenches together, I was especially touched by the caring and genuine relationship he had with my son Jalen. So many of us were touched by his patient insistence on excellence.

Tripp remembers Michael using the expression “big ears”. It referred to people with broad musical interests and tastes. He was the ultimate example.

After more than 30 years at KLCC, Michael retired just over a year ago. An avid dahlia aficionado, he traded the world of sounds for a world of color. Michael brightened the gardens of those who knew him with his brilliant, vibrant blooms.

Michael is survived by his wife Cheryle Hawkins, his mother, and a brother and sister.” – Don Hein


Michael’s Celebration of Life is on Saturday, July 1 at 2:00 at the McDonald Theater, 1010 Willamette Street.



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